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  Eminent Fellows
 Academy Medal Recipients      

The Eminent Fellowships are awarded based on significant contribution in the field of pharmaceutical science and Eminent Fellows provide the APSGB Board with advice and guidance on topics within their area of expertise. These are prestigious awards and it is rare for one institution to get such recognition.

Eminent Fellows:

Prof Roger Davey

Prof Martyn Davies

Prof Bill Dawson

Prof Ruth Duncan

Prof Gillian Eccleston

Prof Gregory Gregoriades

Prof Jonathan Hadgraft

Prof Jayne Lawrence

Prof Tony Moffat

Prof Yvonne Perrie

Prof Malcom Rowland

Prof John Staniforth

Prof Howard Stevens

Dr David Tainsh

Prof David Thurston

Prof Ijeoma Uchegbu

Prof Stephen Wicks

Prof Clive Wilson

Prof Peter York

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